Thursday, 27 November 2008

no-one will know ...

Went for a swim tonight, to knock off another 40 lengths in the channel swim. Got talking to another swimmer there, who I've seen in the gym over the weeks. His regular target is 64 lengths - which is a mile - and that got me thinking ... I know that my 40 lengths are keeping me nicely on track with my challenge, but I don't seem to be getting any strong as a swimmer. So maybe I need to up my effort and see if I can manage to swim further and test if that will give me more stamina in the pool, get my stroke stronger. And then, when I was putting my 40 lengths onto the spreadsheet where I record my progress in the challenge - see Track My Progress on my website - I got thinking about how far there is to go ...

So (as if I've not got enough on my plate) ... I'm going to try to up my regular distance in the pool to 64 lengths per visit for the next week to see how I get on, and if that goes well, I'm going to see if I can actually make it to my total (1416 lengths - 646 left to go) and have crossed the channel by the turn of the year! It's a bit of a chunk to bite off, I think, but hey, it'll soon be Christmas, so I'll have a little time off, work will have slowed down a little, and anyway, who needs sleep ...!!!

Oo-er ... what have I just committed to? If I press "publish" on this blog entry, does that mean there is no way back ... nah, I can always edit it, and even delete this particular entry if it looks like I'll not make it ... I mean, who reads this anyway ... I've only got 4 followers, and one's in Ireland, one's in Oz, one's got her own 365challenge to worry about so she won't be checking on mine (sure you're not, Anouska?), and one is distracted by writing and wool. So I'll be okay, then! :-)

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  1. I'll be keeping an eye on you, don't you worry. I'll have this bloody novel finished today!

    (And no, you aren't reading it yet!)