Friday, 28 November 2008

365 on facebook

I know several of my regular readers have already found their way there, but for the rest of you, I thought I'd let you know that I have started a group on Facebook for anyone interested in the 365challenge You can log on to Facebook, and then search for the group 365challenge for Cancer Research UK.

After just over a week, the group already has 59 members, and is growing, so come on down. I'd like people to use this forum to discuss their cancer-related stories and successes, fund-raising efforts and, if they take on the 365challenge, what they are doing and how they are getting on with it.

I've posted a couple of discussion topics that I'd love to hear your thoughts on, particularly the "What is your ultimate 365challenge?" What would you like to take on if you could? It's all a bit of fun, but with a serious message about supporting the vital work of Cancer Research UK, so why not join us on Facebook some time soon?

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