Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Only managed 2 swims since last blog entry, but have cracked the mile each time (64 lengths) so at that rate, I have only 8 more swims to get me across the channel and finish that part of my challenge, which I fully expect to do by the end of December (especially as I'm having a bit of time off over Christmas).

I think I'll work on swimming and maybe some rowing through December. I'm getting behind in the rowing 'cos I really am not enjoying it just now - and I've failed to track down the meditation recommended a while back by a reader. I'll just have to grit my teeth and plug away at it so it feels like I'm getting it done.

Good news from Debbie and Audrey, who have started their own 365challenges this week. Check out their web pages by clicking on their names and see just how daft some people can be ... no, really!

But I'm so pleased that they have taken it on - and it means that the 365challenge has graduated from Chester and is happening now as far afield as Fife in Scotland and Leicestershire (I think - at least that 's the area that Debbie covers for work), with more coming on-stream soon, I believe, including Brisbane with Jon, and there is a little whisper that Dublin may happen in the New Year too, with Rory.

Any more volunteers out there? Or do you know someone who might be interested in taking on a truly special challenge? If so, do please get in touch or send them this blog and let's see if we can coax a few more 365'ers out of the woodwork for the New Year.

And finally, a welcome to Roy ... hope you enjoy some of these ramblings!

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