Sunday, 14 December 2008

serendipity and a coincidence ... moo

Again ... a just giving influence here. I was reading the Just Giving blog review of the year, and they mentioned a link they have made at the start of 2008 with a company called Moo, who print your photos onto mini-cards, postcards, greeting cards and even stickers.

For just £9.99 plus P&P, you can get 100 mini-cards printed with photos of your choice or with pictures you select from their large library of images on one side, with your contact details ... or details of your 365challenge and Just Giving page web address perhaps(!!) ... that you can distribute to friends, family and acquaintances to promote your challenge, for example! The Just Giving piece shows some examples of how people have used them.

The cards are colourful and eye-catching, and can really reflect YOU and your personality. I had a play with uploading some images, including the 365challenge logo, but I may need to tweak things a little to get that to fit. But as a simple and effective promotional tool, these could be really good for all you 365'ers out there to have in your armoury as you go out and about telling people about your 365challenge.

Where the coincidence of the title of this post comes in is that when I finished reading about Moo on their website, I went downstairs to find a box marked with the Moo logo on the counter in the kitchen. Donna - my other half - had found Moo via a different route, and had ordered a box of mini-cards - with 100 different images from their image library - as her personal business card, including the address for her personal blog (mainly about her knitting adventures, but many other happenings from our lives turn up there!).

And the cards look great! Slightly smaller than a business card, but bright and fun. She tells me that the order arrived within three days of her placing it, despite their site saying they would take up to two weeks to come through.

Worth a plug, I reckon ...

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