Sunday, 14 December 2008

just giving tips for facebook

I've been browsing through the Just Giving blog recently - Just Giving being the site that hosts my on-line sponsorship page for the 365challenge - and I have to say that it is an inspiring read. They flag up people and events that use their services to raise money, and some of the stories are wonderfully up-lifting, so it is worth a browse now and again.

But what I've found really useful on their blog recently has been their piece on using Facebook more effectively to help with your fund-raising efforts. I've emailed the link for this to all the people who have signed up to take the 365challenge along with me, but I thought I'd mention it here too, with a link for anyone to follow up on it - just click through on the Facebook link above.

The Facebook phenomenon is something else, isn't it? I've found it a great way to just have an overview of what friends are getting up to, as well as keeping closer links with friends than I may have done in the past, simply because life just gets busy. But with these tips, I hope I can also grow my support base for the 365challenge and help others in their fund-raising efforts on the challenge for Cancer Research UK.

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