Wednesday, 15 April 2009

365 x 365ers ... have you got what it takes?

Hi Everyone
I've been wondering ... are there some of my readers out there thinking about taking on the 365challenge for yourselves, but maybe haven't felt that you wanted to commit to it just yet? If so, that's fine, but I wonder if maybe you could just give me a heads up as to what you might be planning or what obstacles you feel you're facing, so that together we might be able to move it on for you - if that's what you want!

I'm asking because I really feel that I need to develop the 365challenge more than I have already, because this cause is just too important not to. I've mentioned this goal previously, but now want to work more focused with it - I now want to help 365 people develop their very own 365challenge to raise money for Cancer Research UK - or if you're based outside the UK, for your local Cancer Research charity.

If every one of the 365 365ers I'm looking for set a goal of raising £3650 across their 365challenge year, that adds up to £1.3 Million for Cancer Research! How amazing would it be to be a part of that sort of a success? And what if all 365 365ers only raised £1000 each, what a shame, that would ONLY add up to £365000 for Cancer Research.

Whatever the final amount, it all adds up to a WIN-WIN situation for Cancer Research UK and the 365challenge ... so what do you reckon ... does that help you in your thinking about whether or not you might take this on? Have you got what it takes ...? I know that many of you have ...

Please post your comments and lets see how far we can drive the 365challenge forward ... together, we can beat cancer!

All the best

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  1. Yep I want to jump on board, will be able to think more clearly after June, when college and moonwalk is finished.

    Also I am 30 in 2011 and want to do something really adventurous for that year.