Thursday, 30 April 2009

How did it get to the end of Month 8?

April 30th 2009 ... today marks the last day of Month 8 of my 365challenge year ... hasn't that flown by?

I've been plugging away, knocking off the miles quietly and continuing to promote the 365challenge where I can, whilst also planning my mountaineering adventures ... oh, and fitting in a day job that's been getting busier of late ... damn it, don't they realise I've got a 365challenge to be getting on with!

Fund-raising has slowed down admittedly, but hey, I can't complain too much, as I'm just £131.50 short of achieving £7300, which would mark twice my original target! Not too shabby, eh? Though I guess I'd have to admit that I'm secretly harbouring a hope that I might get close to the £10000 mark by the end of my personal 365challenge year ... oops, I've gone and let the cat out of the bag on that one ... keep it to yourselves, okay, but ... feel free to pass it on to anyone you think might be interested in sponsoring me a bit!! They can go to my Justgiving Page to add their support.

And speaking of Justgiving, they have been part of my promotional efforts this past month and I'm really pleased to announce that they have taken up the 365challenge cause. They've just featured me on their very own blog, which you can read here: 365challenge on Justgiving - it's a really good piece and hopefully will help draw in some more people who might like to take on the 365challenge for themselves.

As for where I'm up to with my 365challenge ... I've got just 250 Km left on the bike and 150 Km left on the rowing machine, so it is all very doable now. My plan is to finish the cycling by the end of May, and then concentrate on clearing the rowing in the final 3 months. And of course, we hit the mountains soon ... Snowdon on May 9th, if anyone would like to join us ... email me on if you fancy it.

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