Monday, 13 April 2009

getting back on track ... tweet, tweet

Another lengthy gap between posts ... it's not that I haven't wanted to write, but work kept getting in the way (apparently, it's good to be busy at work when you have your own business ... but I have my doubts sometimes ...!) ... but that meant that I wasn't getting to the gym, and wasn't moving things forward as intended with the old 365challenge.

Work continues to be busy, but I've gotten myself a bit better organised now and have managed to knock off a few more Kms over the weekend. I've now got just 400 KM left on the bike ... (could I finish that by the end of May? Am I setting myself a goal there that is achievable? Don't know, but I'll have a shot at it!) ... and 160 Km left on the rowing machine ... that will definitely NOT be completed by the end of May, but, hey, I've got another 3 months after that in my 365challenge year to crack the Thames, so I am confident all will be well by the end of August ... and of course I'll have bagged Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis by then too, so ... GO ME!! And the growing band of wonderful folk who are planning on coming along with me for one, some or all of the mountains!

Funds keep coming in, and it will be great to reach the 200% mark of £7300 (that's 200% of original target goal of £3650) - still £223 to go, but I'll get there, I'm sure.

What I have been doing however (admittedly, sometimes at some cost to my work focus ... you see, it can get a bit addictive ...), is Tweeting on Twitter - you can find me there as 365er.

And it's been a great opportunity to connect with like-minded folk, some doing amazing things of charity ... as well as some complete numpties (though good for a laugh) and some truly lovely folk who are just being themselves ... and when they are celebrities, who just come across as soooo nice and normal, that's a bonus!

But also through Twitter, I have connected with some people who I believe will help me move the 365challenge forward, so on that level, it's been very much worth it. I hope soon to be able to announce details of one of these collaborations, which I'm really happy about ... it should give the 365challenge a profile boost, and maybe draw in some more participants (and even some money).

The other connection may take a little more time to come to fruition, but again, if it does work out ... well, I think it will be a VERY GOOD THING for the 365challenge ... watch this space ... or follow me on twitter to be right in the loop, and maybe even a little ahead of the game!

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