Saturday, 23 August 2008

Sand traps for CRUK

A friend I'd emailed about my 365challenge got in touch the other day. She loved the idea, but couldn't see herself taking it on - though she did become one of my 1%ers club!

Thing is, Sue's a golfer, and she was trying to think of a golfing angle for this fund-raising of mine, because she wants to support Cancer Research UK (CRUK) too. She mentioned how she'd recently been playing golf somewhere in Yorkshire and came across a bunker with a sign that informed people that if they landed in this particular bunker, they had to pay a forfeit when they returned to the clubhouse, and all monies collected would go to the Lady Captain's charity. I loved it! What a simple idea ... sure, some people will ignore the forfeit, but I know golfers - they are very charitable folk, and I'm sure that over the course of a year, those forfeits added up to a substantial amount.

So ... I called my brother, who is involved with a fairly large club in Ireland, and he's going to look into this as an idea that they could implement - and he immediately saw the sign working best on the bunkers (yes - plural) on the ninth green, RIGHT UNDER THE CLUBHOUSE TERRACE! Not an easy forfeit to avoid, eh?

And now I'm putting the idea out there to you, dear reader. Are you a golfer, or do you know someone in a club who could take the idea forward for you ... and help raise even more money for Cancer Research UK.

If you think it's something you could get involved with, please get in touch - leave a comment on this posting, with some contact details, and I'll give you some ideas about what you need to do next. Come on, it'll take a little effort, but could have a BIG outcome.

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  1. ...thankyou Colin, your efforts are appreciated...