Friday, 29 August 2008

5 minutes of fame ...

The other day, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) asked me if I'd mind if they put out a press release to the local media, telling them about my 365challenge - they reckoned I had a "story to tell" that would interest people. I'm not overly crazy about getting my picture in the paper, but I am now pretty passionate about 365challenge and I want more people to get involved, so I said yes. They sent through the copy, and after a little editing, we agreed the content, and they sent it out. The goal is to get the local press along to the 'launch' on Monday (Sept 1st), so we can get coverage in the local papers.

Today, the interest went up a notch: the local radio station - Dee 106.3 - called to interview me about the 365challenge and my plans for fund-raising for CRUK. I'm not sure how I'll come across ... I think it went smoothly enough, but only hearing it back will tell. They're planning to put it out on Sunday morning, August 31st, between 8 and 12 in the morning, around the news bulletins on the hour. So ... tune your internet to and click on the 'Listen' link to hear how I got on. IF it goes well, I'll try to get a copy of the audio to put on the website. Nothing like a little promotional material to keep the interest going.

They've also asked me to keep them informed of my progress over the 365 year, so hopefully I'll be able to keep the 365challeng in the public eye (or ear) for longer, and generate even funds more for CRUK.

Donna's started calling me the Jimmy Saville of Chester ... a bit unnecessary, if you ask me!

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