Monday, 1 September 2008

365challenge is GO!

Day 1, and the 365challenge is up and running.

The press release did its job. The radio interview was broadcast on Dee 106.3 in each of the news bulletins (!) yesterday morning. Then, this morning, at the 'launch', two photographers from local papers showed up (they cover 4 papers between them), along with Jane, the Press Officer from Cancer Research UK (CRUK), and we had a bit of fun getting me posing on various bikes and rowing machines. Carl, the gym manager, got in on it too,as he's started his Run Across America today for his 365challenge too. Hopefully they'll get into this weeks various local weeklys.

Donna was along to take some photos as well, but we've had some PC problems today, so you'll have to wait for those. But Jane sent me a couple she took, hence the mug shot at the top of this posting.

Once the 'media' were happy, everyone left me to it, and I got on with my challenges. I managed a 32 Km (20 mile) cycle, rowed 5 Km (about 3.1 miles) and, oops, completed the 3 Peaks climb of 3.6 Km. I thought this last one would go quite quickly, but now I've done it, I feel a little guilty. I't's just one part of the overall challenge but maybe I'll have to add something else to ease my guilt. I didn't swim today - partly 'cos I was a little knackered, but also, there was a swimming lesson in the pool, and I just didn't fancy trying to work my way around them for half an hour. I'll swim tomorrow.

If you want to keep tabs on my progress, check out my track my progress page on the 365challenge website.

I also spent time in the gym talking to a few other members, telling them about the 365challenge and trying to encourage them to take it on too. A few took details away, so hopefully they will come on board. The more the merrier, I say.

And the support keeps pouring in. I very nearly made it to £3650 ahead of today, which I'd have loved to have done, but as I've hit £3500-odd, I'll not complain. I know there is more to be raised, and I'll probably have to set a new money target.

But as more people come on board to take the challenge too, I think that'll be where my focus goes - supporting them and finding more 365challengers. I've now got it in my head to bring 365 people along with me over the year, and, especially if CRUK get behind me on a national basis, I believe that is possible. If they raised just £1000 each, that could be £365000 for CRUK, and Brenda's name will be well and truly commemorated - but I don't think this will stop there. 365challenge has got legs, and I'm going to do all I can to make it as successful as possible for CRUK.

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