Monday, 8 September 2008

How did it get to Monday ...?

Last week was a bit of a blur of activity on the 365challenge - well it was the launch week, I suppose. Two radio interviews and a press call for photos led to two radio interviews being broadcast, one newspaper putting the story on the front page, and another listing the story on their website. Not bad, if I say so myself! And though the interest arising out of this hasn't exactly been overwhelming, there have been messages of support and sponsorship coming through, so that's been great. I would still like to get more people taking up the challenge though, so there's more work to be done.

Then the weekend was busier than I expected, so, though I got to the gym, I didn't manage to cover quite as many miles as I'd have liked to - oh well, only 51 more weeks to go, how on earth will I fit it all in ... ?

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