Monday, 22 September 2008

coughs and sneezes ... keep you out of the gym, but Guinness makes you feel better!

So there I was feeling very good about myself, having kept on with my challenge even while on holiday, when the dreaded lurgy had to go and stick it's oar in.

Last Wednesday, I went in to the Mighty Boosh gig in Dublin feeling fine, but came out a couple of hours later barely able to speak - and not because I'd been shouting and screaming (though i did laugh a lot). And the bug took hold then for the rest of my Irish visit, leaving me feeling very tired and run down. It's still lingering now, so I've put off getting back into the gym for a few days to see if it will settle and let me get on with my 365challenge again without keeling over.

Though the lurgy didn't ruin everything from the trip. I was able to catch up with some old friends and family members who I've not seen as much of as I'd like to, including my old buddy Jack. We used to share an apartment together a long time ago in Dublin, but I haven't seen him for a proper sit down chat and pint in over 14 years - much too long!

Anyway, we arranged to meet for lunch one day in a pub called Messrs Maguire, just beside O'Connell Bridge right in the heart of Dublin, and spent a very enjoyable couple of hours there. Apart from the good company, the outstanding memory of the afternoon was the quality of the pint. Now, I've been a Guinness drinker for a long, long time now, and I appreciate that I've been drinking what many consider to be an inferior version in England for a lot of years, but remember also that I'd just spent 5 days in Lahinch, in County Clare, where they know a thing or two about pouring a good pint, but ... the Messrs Maguire pint was one of the best I've ever tasted: so smooth, so good - I'm almost drooling as I recall it now. Highly recommended if you get the chance. My nephew commented that they charge more there for their pint than other pubs in the area, and also that the price increases over the evening, but believe me, it IS worth it!

And of course, everyone knows that Guinness has medicinal properties ... so once the effects finally kick in (come on, come one), I'll be fighting fit and back on my bike.

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