Sunday, 22 February 2009

adding to the pot ...

There I was over in Ireland to celebrate my dad's 90th birthday, when Fiona, my sister, lets me know that she has some donations from friends to add to the 365challenge collection pot!

So thank you to the girls at Carrickmacross Library (Breda, Anne and Mary), and to Betty and Bernie ...

Then Fiona announced also that her colleagues at work had made a collection before Christmas and wanted to present it to me while I was over too ... so it was off to the Monaghan Motor Tax office to meet the girls and collect a very healthy donation for Cancer Research UK. So it's a very big thank you to Marcella, Maura, Olga, Sara, Helen, Fiona, Louise, Denise, Susan, Phil, Kate and Madeline ... not everyone was there, sadly, but I managed to persuade those who were to join me for an official presentation photo ... so, meet the ladies of the Monaghan Motor Tax office:

From left to right, it's Louise, Fiona, Maura, Me(!), Sara, Helen and Olga ... thanks again ladies for your very generous donation.

And as if that wasn't enough, we arrived back from the restaurant we'd taken Dad to for his birthday meal to find an envelope through the door containing 200 Euros from my cousin Gerard and Uncle Benny for the cause!

So a big thank you to everyone in Ireland for their generosity, I brought back £473 to add to my total ... I'll have to come back again soon for more!!

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