Sunday, 22 February 2009

back from the celebrations ...

Another gap between blogs ... what am I like? It's been a slow blogging month, hasn't it. Sorry about that, it's just that firstly work got in the way, but just this few days, I've been back in Ireland to help my dad celebrate his 90th year ... so I think that's a reasonable excuse, really.

And what do you think about this, then ... at the celebratory meal on Friday, one of my nephews, Peter, only goes and gives me a hard time for not blogging enough ... he's been off work recently following key-hole surgery on his knee so he's had time on his hands, and wanted more to read between changing bandaids on his knee! And he's not even signed up as a follower ... c'mon, Pete, gimme a break, I've been busy!

Anyway, there will be a bit more coming along soon ...

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