Friday, 27 February 2009

energy levels set to stun!

Had a visit today from the new Area Volunteer Manager (AVM) for CRUK (well, returning AVM, back from maternity leave) ... bloody hell, Michelle, how can a new mum have soooo much energy?

She was really excited about the 365challenge and wanted to know what she could do to help promote it ... or what challenges she could take on ... one idea was that she could "iron the height of a mountain" (something local, not kilimanjaro ... her words, honest!), by taking in ironiing from her village for a donation to CRUK!!!

And she seemed to have lots of contacts and anything I mentioned, she thought she could work with ... and true to her word, within a couple of hours of the meeting, she'd emailed me a potentially useful link for widening the scope for this thing ... CRUK, you'd better make sure you hold onto this one, 'cos with that level of enthusiasm, she'd be an asset to any organisation!

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