Wednesday, 7 January 2009

365challenge is appealing ...

I thought I’d just let you have a quick update on this … Cancer Research UK have informed me that the 365challenge has now been allocated a dedicated appeal code by the charity, which means that anyone who registers with them now and informs them that they are taking the 365challenge will have all the money they raise through sponsorship recognised as having been raised through the 365challenge rather than a more general event, like a fun run.

This is great news, as it means that, over time, they will be able to track how successful this programme is being for them in raising funds ... and it should help support the case, in time, for CRUK to adopt the 365challenge as a national campaign! So ... if you're going to take this on, firstly, a great big THANK YOU from me, but secondly, DO PLEASE TELL CRUK that you are taking the 365challenge, and then they can record your efforts under this appeal code. I hope in time, too, that I'll get some updates on the overall pot as it grows, and then I can let you all know how much our combined efforts are raising for this important charity and its work.


  1. What about money already raised, does that count to the total?

  2. Yes ... CRUK have taken the names of the people who are already doing the 365challenge and will apply the appeal code to them retrospectively.