Sunday, 4 January 2009

600 Km cycling and 100 Km rowing down ... so

... just 1000 Km on my bike and 246 Km on the rowing machine to go in my 365challenge for Cancer Research UK!

Well ... just 4 days off in hitting my distance targets for my Lands End to John O'Groats cycle and Thames row, so I'm not too disappointed with that. And as I've got 8 months still to go in my 365challenge year ... I reckon I'm still well on track.

I've had some great supportive emails over the New Year (
thank you) from people who reckon that swimming part of the Thames challenge is a good amendment to my plan, given my on-going numb-hands issue, so I'll look to see what I can do about that over the coming month or so ... but in the meantime, it's back to work tomorrow, so that means back to juggling time to make sure that I keep up my momentum. It's been a really enjoyable Christmas break this year, more restful than I've managed for a long time ... I've even been sleeping in to around 8 a.m, which is unheard of! How am I going to cope with getting up for work again?

Watch this space!

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