Thursday, 8 January 2009

Is Team 365challenge about to take off?

Do you remember when I presented to the CRUK Events team back in November? The entry back then - "a VERY exciting day ..." - went partly like this ... "just as I was about to finish, a hand went up right at the back, and a voice called out to me that that particular table represented the North West Events Team, and they had decided right there and then that THEY were going to take on the 365challenge themselves, as a team".

Well, yesterday one of that crew, Jayne, emailed me to say that they are following through on their promise! She and her team have roped in some partners now too, and now, as they put the elements of their challenge together, their team stands at NINE! That's NINE new 365'ers in one fell swoop! That's fantastic, all you guys in the North West Run for Life Events Logistics team, thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm. Now ... where are the rest of those Events teams from that conference ... I seem to remember some competitive "us too!" calls from around that room!

But let's not overshadow the importance of this first TEAM 365 team! It's great to have them on board. Watch this space as the TEAM 35challenge grows ...

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