Sunday, 18 January 2009

say it loud and say it PROUD ... "I'm a 365'er!"

Well, I've managed to get in to the gym a few times this week, despite Susie (or work, which is getting busy again!), so I've stayed on track so far. AND got a few extra miles in with walking her every day too, so maybe I should find a way to include these miles in my efforts!

Also ran into Peter, one of the 365'ers who hadn't yet started his challenge. The good news is that he just about has, though he wants to get a month under his belt while he settles on his challenges (triathlons, but still deciding which distances), before he "announces his challenge to the world". C'mon, Peter, go for it - say it loud and say it PROUD: "I'm a 365'er!"

And I've had some more contact from TEAM 365challenge, who are also closing in on their challenges, so hopefully I can announce them here soon. I'm meeting with my logo designer this week, so I hope to have the TEAM 365challenge logo available shortly - along with the 365challenge Australia AND Ireland ... you know who you are! So we continue to move this thing forward ...

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