Sunday, 18 January 2009

it's not a competition, but this IS great ...

I always knew that bringing other 365'ers on board to develop their own ideas and challenges would substantially increase the amount that the 365challenge ultimately raises for Cancer Research UK, over and above what I could raise myself ... so it is really rewarding to see that two of my "early adopters" have been gathering pace with their sponsorship recently.

As I say in the title of this post, it's not a competition ... but it has been great to drop by Audrey (in Scotland) and (Chester-based) Anouska's sites and their Just Giving pages to see the amounts mounting up, generally, but totally independently, keeping pace with each other. And this week, Audrey cracked the £1000 mark with her sponsorship, with Anouska very close behind, at £952 just now. How great is that .. so, A & A, thank you so much for your efforts ... your challenges are going so well ... I hope you're enjoying it too! And don't go getting competitive about it all either!

Given that so far, there are between 15 and 20 365'ers out there, started or about to, with more sure to follow ... if they can do as well as Audrey and Anouska, our joint efforts are going to add healthily to the coffers of Cancer Research UK indeed.

Anyone else want to join the party?

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