Thursday, 16 October 2008

check out Anouska's 365challenge ...

I know I've mentioned that there are other people taking on the 365challenge since I launched the idea back in September, but I've given little information on them really. A couple have started - Carl and Mark - but they are at varying stages of sorting out sponsorship pages, etc., still, so I've not given too much detail here as yet.

However, one of the 365'ers has launched her site just today, and I'd love to give her a plug and encourage you to visit the site and see what she is up to. Her name is Anouska Watkins, and she is taking on the 365challenge in memory of her friend, Debbie, who died two years ago, aged just 27. She has devised a brilliant challenge, so click through on Anouska's 365challenge and see what she's up to.

Go for it Anouska!

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