Monday, 6 October 2008

getting back into the swing of things ...

It's been harder than I thought it would be getting back into the routine of going to the gym after over 2 weeks off with that damned cold, but I am getting there, and have logged some time on all of the parts of the challenge left - cycling, rowing and today, swimming. I'm also planning to join Carl at his Mega-spin on Saturday, though I know this will take it out of me! 90 minutes of pretty flat-out spinning (Carl takes no prisoners!) should add at least 45 Km to my distance, if I survive! Come on down and join in if you can.

I've been noticed now by Cancer Research UK as a supporter of note. Got a call last week to see if I'd go to an event in Llandudno and man a display table for them, to try to drum up support. It was a a Rotary Club convention - about 40 clubs from the English Midlands represented - and the idea was to try to encourage some of them to adopt CRUK as their charity for next year. I had the morning shift and another couple - John and Moya - were taking the afternoon shift.

It was quite a good morning: I spoke to a lot of people and promoted both CRUK and 365challenge - as well as the "Adopt a Bunker for CRUK" concept suggested to me by Sue Goulding way back when I started into this fund-raising business. Sue - the good news is that it is an idea that certainly caught the interest, so watch out, it may grow - though a few people mentioned that they'd seen it before or that they already did something similar for their Captain's charity. That's fine, just next year, make your Captain's charity CRUK is all I have to say to that!

As well as seeing me as a willing supporter, there is good, (very exciting and promising) news from CRUK on the increasing interest in the 365challenge concept within the charity too. I got a call today to tell me that the idea is being considered by their "New Business Team" as a potential campaign that they would get behind - which is what I've wanted from the start, so it's good that they are considering it. The New Business Team are the people who look at these ideas - they did a similar exercise on "Run for Life" campaign, so if I can win them over, 365challenge will become a national event and Brenda's memory will be well and truly acknowledged!

Fantastic - everyone, cross your fingers for this NOW!

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