Saturday, 11 October 2008

spun out ...

Just got back from Carl's Fancy Dress Cowboy and Indian 90 minute spin for Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation at the gym (90:10 split to CRUK).

Because Carl is still injured, Dave took the class while Carl prowled around "encouraging" us by turning up the resistance on the bikes - very helpful indeed! Around 28 people turned up - several in fancy dress. The best was a guy in chaps, waistcoat, check shirt, bandanna, cowboy hat and ... a stick-on droopy moustache! Oh, and a six-gun. Others had Indian headdresses or cowboy hats and pistols, and Dave, the instructor had a Red Indian chief's head dress , and he'd put together music from westerns for the whole class, which was great - good fun all round. I didn't dress for the role, but wore my 365challenge t-shirt to promote the challenge and got some interest.

People donated to be allowed to attend, and I reckon Carl will have raised a good few quid. He has more events like this planned - next up is a Halloween spin - more dressing up to be expected, I'm sure.

Anyway - it's been a long time since I've been spinning, and usually then it was for 45 minutes maximum, but as I've been on my bike a lot lately, I figured I should last 90 minutes for the cause. It wasn't as bad as I expected, thankfully, and though I sweated buckets and was poured off the bike at the end, it was a lot of fun. It's really hard to calculate what distance you might do in a class like this, but as I did 30 KM the other day in an hour, I'm claiming 45 Km towards the cycling part of my challenge for this 90 minute class - it was full-on a lot of the time, so I think that's fair!

Now ... I might just take it easy for the rest of the day ...

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