Monday, 13 October 2008

come on, follow me ...

Now, I know there are people out there who read this blog ... I know, because they tell me that they do. But you'd never know by just looking at my blog, would you, because in the two months or so I've been writing it, I've had just 2 - count them, 1 ..., 2 - comments, and they've both been from the same person!

Okay, so I like writing it, and it keeps me entertained ... but I'd really like to know that it's not all just for my personal pleasure. So I noticed earlier today that Blogger had a nifty new widget that I could add to the sidebar (go on, scroll down a little, see, there it is ... follow this blog), that allows YOU - my dear, occasional other reader - to show your allegiance by clicking on a link that would allow you to show yourself as a follower of the 365challenge blog! You can even add a picture (or remain anonimous if you must) ... but hey, it would be great if a few of you lurkers out there gave me at least a little inkling that I'm not waffling on into the (completely empty) ether.

Come on. give me a boost and reveal yourselves/(self!) ...


  1. Here's a comment Colin! I have now set up my own website at Challenge starts 2nd November, keep up the good work x

  2. Colin, great to see you and Donna today. Fantastic website. Lovely pictures of Brenda. Keep up the good work. Always forward never backwards. (The Douglas motto) Sinead, Dave, Maggie & Fiona.