Tuesday, 28 October 2008

skiving ...?

It's a Tuesday in October, the SNOW(!) is falling outside (what's that all about then?), I've got 25 things that need attention in the office, but I'm skiving off today. Why? Because I can. Today marks the 4th anniversary of my move into full-time self-employment and if I can't take a day off now and again when I want to, then something's wrong!

Anyway, just because I was "off" doesn't mean that I haven't been busy.

Into the gym this morning at 6.45 and knocked off a few more kilometres. Discovered the Interval setting on the rowing machine and did two sets of 3 Km, 30 seconds flat out, 30 seconds recovery (slow rowing) (repeat) until I'd covered 3 Km, with 10 Km on the bike in between. I liked this way of doing it, as it gave me some variety across the time on the machine so I didn't get bored. And keeping it to 3 Km at a time meant that my hands didn't go numb, which is a real bonus!

Then spent some time making calls to people I'd spoken to in local gyms about the 365challenge - I really want to get some momentum behind this locally so I can present a clearer picture to CRUK when I speak to them next month. Got some positive responses, so will keep on top of this if I can, without becoming a complete pain.

Then spent some time doing "things that needed to get done", like sorting out some things at the bank, so not a complete skive of a day, just a day away from "proper" work. I expect I'll pay for it tomorrow, as I chase my tail catching up, but hey, if the boss can't give himself a day off, who can?

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